What’s Been Going On

There was supposed to be a review today, one for a Greek mythology inspired book with a whole lot of family complications. But the publication date was pushed back and I somehow don't have another review to fill this space. Originally, I was going to leave it alone and just post the next part in … Continue reading What’s Been Going On

Not Snow Days, But Fire Days

Not Snow Days, but Fire Days

My son was born in Pennsylvania. We moved to California when he was six weeks old, so he has no memories of his first home, and only a dim understanding of what snow is as we have yet to take our kids to the mountains during the winter. He's five and has just started school. … Continue reading Not Snow Days, But Fire Days

Weather as my Least Favorite Character

As you may have seen from my previous post, I was going to write this yesterday, but found myself without any power. I really should start writing these posts in advance. As a native Southern Californian (born and raised!) I knew two seasons: the occasional rain during the winter months and fire season later in … Continue reading Weather as my Least Favorite Character