• Doing National Novel Writing Month my own way

    NaNo My Way

    I’m a reader and a writer. Or should that be a writer and a reader? My mom tells me I fell in love with books before I could read and that I used to sit outside and tell myself stories when I was 2, so it’s hard to know which one came first. But reading and writing so often go hand in hand. Every time I read a book, ten ideas manifest in my head. Someone help me… I discovered National Novel Writing Month in 2007, when I was bored while studying abroad in Denmark because I did not relish wandering alone outside in the dark at 5pm. I needed something…

  • Everyone Has a Story

    Everyone Has a Story

    Whether a bit of non-fiction or a piece of fiction, everyone has a story to tell. Whether writer, author, or neither, everyone has words to share. The Lily Cafe is a small blog, but I’d like it to be a place for anyone with a story. I can’t guarantee thousands of people will see it, but I can guarantee an audience. If you have a story you’d like to share or a guest post you’d like to write, I’d like to invite you to visit the Submit page. Sincerely, Kat

  • Not a Mom Blog

    This isn’t a mom blog. But it is. Yet it isn’t. Believe it or not, I really am this indecisive! But let me start by talking about boxes. Not physical boxes. The figurative boxes we put people into. This is really just a mental shortcut, an easy and effortless way to organize the world around us. But it oversimplifies things and misses the details that make all the difference. Growing up, I was always put into boxes, boxes that were far from accurate. But I went along because I was afraid of revealing my true colors. Of letting people get close. Until college. I remember when I was selecting which…

  • My love, part 1

    In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting a long love story poem I wrote about a decade ago, divided into 4 parts. From dawn to dusk From sun to moon From life to death I will always love you. You live next door In the peach colored house Your room was across mine The curtains would wave in the breeze When you opened the window But I never saw you For you kept the curtains closed But I knew you were there And I loved you. The first day of high school Was the first I saw you We stood with our neighbors Awaiting the bus to…