The Lily Cafe at home: Audiobooks, Crocheting, Chinese Food, and…Video Games?

Welcome into my home! I know I said last week I would be working on getting some reviews and my Impressions post up this past week, but, well, best laid plans and all, I suppose. I've been dragging my feet on those reviews, so I think today I ought to focus on them. At least … Continue reading The Lily Cafe at home: Audiobooks, Crocheting, Chinese Food, and…Video Games?

Why Hello There, Old Blog

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. After three weeks off with my family, I thought I'd be ready to get back into blogging and devote myself to yet another year of this, of writing and posting, planning and scheduling. Even though I decided at the end of last year that I wanted … Continue reading Why Hello There, Old Blog

The Lily Cafe Digest #26

Just 3 short weeks after my last break I'm taking another. My kids' last day of school is today and they're off for the next 3 weeks. So I'll be taking at least the next 3 weeks off as well. What is there to write of from the last 3 weeks? Honestly, not much. My … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #26

No Tomorrow, Part 76

Just Before Midnight - continued They lay snuggled under the covers on their marital bed. The day of celebrating their anniversary and their grandson’s marriage was over. They’d said their good byes to their family and friends, everyone they had ever loved. Now they were alone and ready to die. Anna and Jacob knew they’d … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 76

No Tomorrow, Part 75

Just Before Midnight - continued The strawberries were gone and the champagne bottle was mostly full. Their glasses were barely touched, only missing a sip or two each. Two pairs of shoes were scattered around the edges of the blanket, along with Grant’s gray socks. They lay on the blanket, their ankles crossed, their hands … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 75

The Drafts Folder: On Writing Kisses

Since I only do my Impressions post every other Wednesday, I thought I'd keep things interesting and dig into my drafts and random blog titles I've found written in my planner over the past couple of years. There are a lot of them, and I don't even know what some of them were supposed to … Continue reading The Drafts Folder: On Writing Kisses

No Tomorrow, Part 74

Just Before Midnight The music was pounding in their heads, in their chests, the beat matching their heartbeats, beat for beat. But nothing was better than the heartbeat that beat just for the one they had fallen for. They writhed together, their bodies twisting and turning, sweat running down their backs, down to their toes … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 74

No Tomorrow, Part 73

11:00 pm - continued Mother and daughter joined Nick in the living space. He was waiting for them, sharply dressed in a charcoal gray suit. He smiled and nodded at Iris’s choice of dress and then hurried everyone out the door. He wanted to make sure they were in the ballroom as the ship left … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 73

No Tomorrow, Part 72

11:00 pm - continued Nick nodded and crammed himself and his family into an elevator with another family of four. Iris and the two boys, both around her age, smiled shyly at each other, but clung to their parents and didn’t say a word. The ride up was swift; Nick and his family getting off … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 72

No Tomorrow, Part 71

11:00 pm She finally stirred as her father sat beside her on the plush couch and stroked her hair while his wife was on the phone, weeping profusely while talking to her parents. Rose had sent him to check on their daughter, who was still slumbering from the sedative they had given her that evening. … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 71