Tea Party, Act 1, Scenes 4 and 5

Scene Four: Back in Patience’s backyard. A table is set up near her new garden.

Rupert: Well, Pat, it’s just us this year.

Patience: Yeah, I know. One of us will die today. Will it be you or me?

Rupert: Maybe it’ll be different this year.

Patience: I doubt it, Rupert. I can’t believe Beatrice, Amelia, and Calvin are dead. One of us will die.

Rupert: Don’t be negative, Pat. So, what’s this year’s treat? We’ve had cookies, cake, and brownies.

Patience: Don’t you mean Frisbees, sickly chocolate with burnt honey, and bricks?

Rupert: Yeah, I guess so.

Patience: Well, I’ve made fudge for the first time. I just made it this morning. I’ll go get it.

Rupert: Great! I’ve always wanted to try fudge.

Patience: Be right back.

Patience exit and returns a few minutes later with a pan. She sets it down on the table and puts a ladle next to it. Rupert stares at it doubtfully.

Patience: (frowning) I can’t quite understand why it’s still a liquid.

Rupert: (shrugs) It’s chocolate. I’ll eat anything chocolate.

Patience: Don’t you mean drink?

Rupert: (ladles some fudge into his teacup) Yeah. I guess so.

Patience: (apparently to herself) Maybe this day won’t be so bad.

Suddenly, rocks start falling from the sky and stone them to death. Both die.

Scene Five: Patience’s bedroom.

Patience suddenly wakes up in bed, gasping, her hair tangled all around her face. She brushes her hair aside and lies back down.

Patience: Just a dream. That’s all. Just a dream. Thank goodness.

Patience falls back asleep.

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