Tea Party, Act 2, Scene 3

Scene Three: In a cozy, but not small room inside a cottage. The floor is wood and the walls painted white with surreal paintings hanging on the walls. Tall vases filled with flowers line the walls. In the middle of the room is a round table with a white tablecloth covering it and a tea party spread across it. Eight chairs are set up around the table. A tall, stately woman in a long, subdued dress is standing beside the table, her hands demurely folded as the seven people file in through the door.

Dragonfly: Welcome, my friends.

Patience: What is all this? What’s going on?

Dragonfly: (with a slight smile) Have patience, Patience. Please, come and sit, all of you. Alfred, would you please pour the tea. Lyndee, by me.

Dragonfly seats herself at the table. Patience and then Amelia, Beatrice, Calvin, and Rupert take their seats, Patience seated to the left of Dragonfly with Lyndee on the right. Alfred pours tea for each of them as Dragonfly passes the plates of cakes and cookies around the table. Alfred takes his seat between Lyndee and Rupert.

Beatrice: What’s going on here? Are you Dragonfly?

Dragonfly: (nods regally) I am Dragonfly. This is my manservant, Alfred, and my niece Lyndee. This is the realm of wishes and hopes and dreams. The one that struck me the most was Patience’s wish. It is simple and ever so easy to give. The rest of you also have this wish, but it is hidden from you, and may always be so hidden. It is simply for a lovely, uninterrupted tea party. Dear Patience has dreamed up some horrific scenarios in which everyone died and something always went wrong. It is my desire to rectify that.

Amelia: But why? Why would you want to rectify that?

Dragonfly: It is my role in your lives. I cure nightmares. As such I must cure Patience’s. And here is the perfect tea party.

Lyndee: And I must say that this is my favorite wish to come true, although I have only been here for two weeks.

Alfred: There is certainly much time for you to see many things, Lyndee.

Dragonfly: Indeed. Lyndee comes to us from my sister’s garden, that of kindness. She is here as my heiress and must learn the trade.

Rupert: (with interest) Do you suspect some nuclear weapon will destroy you?

Patience: (indignant) Rupert!

Dragonfly: It is nothing, Patience. It is simply how he is. And, no, Rupert, I will die quite naturally.

Lyndee: And then I will be the next Dragonfly.

Amelia: Then Dragonfly isn’t your real name?

Dragonfly: Good heavens no. (turns to look at Amelia) My real name is Amelia.

Amelia: (eyes wide) Oh!

Dragonfly: Good bye, Amelia. Good bye, all of you.

Patience: (startled) What-

Everything vanishes.

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