Tea Party, Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2

Now that I can finally get back online, here are Scenes 1 and 2 of Act 2, in which we meet new friends and encounter Jell-o:

Scene One: In a walled in garden. A well is at one end and an open gate at the other. There are many shade trees and creeping vines everywhere. Amelia and Calvin are helping Beatrice up from a ditch. Patience is sitting on a moss bed, looking almost hysterical. Rupert has his head down the well. Amelia and Calvin give a final tug and Beatrice stands with them with a green lump in her hand.

Beatrice: Where are we?

Calvin: (shrugs) Never seen this place before.

Amelia: I thought we had died. I mean, with that bomb falling on us.

Patience recovers from her shock and stands next to Beatrice.

Patience: We fell through the ground, through something kind of mushy and cold and really gross feeling.

Beatrice holds up the green lump.

Beatrice: I grabbed some of it as we fell. (she examines it) It’s Jell-o.

Rupert yanks his head up.

Rupert: Jell-o? Really? We never had a tea party with Jell-o before. I love Jell-o.

Beatrice gives Rupert the Jell-o. Rupert quickly eats it.

Calvin: (looking around) Okay. We fell through Jell-o after getting a bomb dropped on us. Now we’re here. What is this place, anyways?

Rupert: (grins over at Calvin) Talk about weapons of mass destruction.

Calvin: (brightens) That’s right. I wanted to talk about weapons of mass destruction just before that bomb fell on us.

Amelia: (grabs the bucket at the well, threatening to use it) I told you no talking about weapons of mass destruction!

Beatrice: (snatches the bucket away) Be calm, Amelia.

Amelia: (shrieking) Calm?! How can I be calm?! We just got killed by a bomb and dropped into this place! And you want me to be calm?! You’re insane, Beatrice!

Patience: (wrapping an arm around Amelia) We’ll get out of here, Amelia. Don’t worry.

Amelia: Don’t worry? Oh, Pat, how can you be so calm?

Patience: I don’t know. I just am.

Calvin: Come on. Let’s see what’s beyond that gate.

Beatrice: (looking doubtfully at the gate) Do you really think it’s safe?

Rupert: (gleefully) You’ll never know until you try!

Rupert runs out the gate with glee and crashes into something.

Rupert’s voice: Ow! Oh, look, there’s our tea party! Calvin, come on! We can talk about weapons of mass destruction!

Calvin: (brightening) Great! (takes off to the gate) I’m coming!

Amelia: (running after Calvin) Oh no you don’t! There will be no talk of weapons of mass destruction!

Exit Calvin and Amelia.

Patience: I suppose we should follow them.

Beatrice: (sighs) Yes. Without us, they’ll get into some sort of trouble.

Patience: They get into trouble no matter what, Beatrice.

Beatrice: Good point. Come on. Time for us to join them.

Exit Patience and Beatrice.

Scene Two: In a smaller garden with a stream running through it, this one not walled. There is a round table near the stream with five chairs around it and set for five. In the center are a pot of tea and a tray of small cake slices. Rupert and Calvin are sitting at the table, eating the cakes. Amelia is sitting across from them, glaring and drinking tea. Beatrice and Patience take their seats.

Patience: Are you sure this was set up for us?

Rupert: Of course. (gestures over the table) This is the table. Isn’t it? And this is Amelia’s teapot. And these cakes were cut from Calvin’s cake.

Patience: Yes, but where are Amelia’s cookies, Beatrice’s pie, Rupert’s brownies, and my fudge?

Calvin and Rupert trade glances. Calvin leans down and brings up four plates.

Calvin: We ate them already.

Patience: What?!

Calvin: (shifts uncomfortably in his chair) Well…We got hungry.

Beatrice: (sighs and shakes her head mournfully) You two are hopeless. Utterly hopeless. Let’s face it, Patience, Amelia, there’s to way to civilize them.

Amelia: (mutters darkly) There’s no hope for them. No, none at all.

Amelia picks up a cake and bites into it, still glaring darkly at Rupert and Calvin.

Patience: (spreads her napkin over her lap) Well, at least we get a tea party.

Amelia: (still muttering darkly) One virtually without food.

Beatrice: At least we have the tea and—

Amelia: Think again. They just finished the tea.

Patience quickly snatches the last two cakes and puts one on Beatrice’s plate.

Beatrice: Well, at least we’re together and not dead.

Rupert: (with a mischievous gleam in his eyes) Is that a good thing?

Amelia: (her patience spent, she throws her tea cup at Calvin and her plate at Rupert) Of course that’s a good thing, you idiots!

Patience: (grabbing Amelia’s arm) Calm down, Amelia. Let’s just try to figure out how to get out of here.

Beatrice: (leaning in) Look. Under that willow tree over there.

They all turn to the willow tree. A tall man greatly resembling a butler and a young girl whose features resembled that of an elf child stood there.

Amelia: Who are you?

Alfred: I am Alfred, the Keeper of the Gardens. This is Lyndee, a garden sprite. We were sent by Dragonfly and are to take you to her cottage.

Patience: Why?

Lyndee: Dragonfly never gives reasons, Patience. She rules this place. Follow us.

Alfred and Lyndee turned and started walking off. Amelia stood and followed them. The others quickly stood and hurried after them.

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