The Dark Saga place: The Islands

Though there are several islands in the world, including the Kalladis Archipelago, there are a few of note.

The Zamra Archipelago is located off of the western point of Kastana and is comprised of twelve large islands. These are largely frozen, covered in snow and ice so they are uninhabitable. However, some of the gypsies love cold weather, so can occasionally be found in the more southern islands. The most important island in this group is Mystic Island. It is one of the more southerly lying islands and is the smallest of the twelve. This island is the resting place of many of the world’s late faerae Queens.

Time’s Garden is often regarded as a kind of safe haven to those who require special protection, either because of who they are meant to be later on or because of the special magic they possess that others may covet. It is located in the Eswyn Ocean with the Sea of Mystica off the eastern coast. It lies roughly midway between the Kalladis Archipelago and Dyjakt. Either through ancient magic or a glitch in the world, it is cut off from the rest of the world and those who sail in the Eswyn Ocean often find themselves re-routed around the island if they draw too close without the sailors even knowing. It and it’s unique magic is maintained by the Elven. It is where the inhabitants, particularly the children, are raised with no knowledge of magic or the outside world. Outside of the Elven, most of the inhabitants live relatively “normal” lives without the interference of magic.

Eden Isle is often thought of as an isle of myth. Located off of the northeastern point of Dyjakt in the Morlay Ocean, it has been shrouded in mist for centuries. It is shrouded by powerful, ancient magic that seeks to hide and protect a precious treasure until the right person comes along, the fabled Spirit Sword. It has been this way for so long that there are no longer any records of its existence and hardly anyone ever recalls a mythological island. It is the location of the Altar of the Seers and former home of the long dead sages. It was the last threads of the sage’s magic that sealed off the world.

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