The Dark Saga places: Dyjakt

Dyjakt is one of the world’s five continents and is where most of the story takes place. As the most populous continent in the known world, it also serves as the world’s seat of power from which the druids, formerly the faerae, rule. It is also the home of the majority of the human race, though they confine themselves to the northeastern corner as they are the only race incapable of using magic. Dyjakt is surrounded by 5 seas: the Morlay Ocean to the north, Sea of Mystica and the Eswyn Ocean to the west, the Tsala Sea to the South, and the Cabree Sea to the east.

Some notable locations (more on some of these later):
Meridian: the world’s capital. It lies in the Meridian Plains near the Morlay Ocean. It is a magnificent city, having been built by the workers of the Metal Kingdom, but was partially destroyed when the druids overthrew the faerae. The druids have renamed the city Dark City after the Dark Archon, who they claim guided them to victory, but the majority of the world still calls it Meridian.

Terra: where the humans reside. As the only race that cannot use magic, the humans gated off their home. They infrequently allow outsiders in and protect themselves with magical items (as they are the only ones who can make any magical item work), which are used by GUARD. Terra’s land holds the least amount of magic, making it the ideal home for the human race.

Halladan Forest: the home of the faerae. It is a densely wooded area, making it the perfect place for the faerae to escape to following their war with the druids. The faerae make their home amongst the branches and foliage, allowing them to blend in and avoided all threats to their lives. It lies some distance from Meridian to the south.

Ayleela City: one of the four hubs of magic, where the magical concentration is greatest. It lies on the Cabree Sea coast. Following the war between the druids and faerae, it became the home of the sibyls, allies with the faerae.

City Garden: another hub of magic and home to the sorcerers and sorceresses as well as many bearers. It is the southernmost city on Dyjakt and lies near the Tsala Sea. It is a very popular port.

Dallermont Mountains: the home of the guardians and the magical Rose Crystal. It lies on top of a large reserve of magic and later crumbles when the reserve is tapped into and nearly depleted.

Temple of Seven Stars: one of the hubs of magic. It lies to the northwest, just north of the protective Caraneen Mountains. It is home to the Daughters of the Stars and the Protectors of the Moons. They also serve as Dyjakt’s protectors.

Temple of Forbidden Time: a temple lying far to the western end of Dyjakt on the Eswyn Ocean coast. It is largely inaccessible, lying on the other side of the forbidding Paillamain Mountains. It is home to the Lords and Ladies of Forbidden Time and ruled by the Lady of Forbidden Time. It is also the home of the Sword of Myths.

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