The Dark Saga places: Hytara

One of the continents of the world, it lies just south of Dyjakt across the Tsala Sea. Most of it is taken up by the Hytara Desert. Not much is known of the desert or the rest of the continent since the desert is nearly impossible to cross and the druids restricted sea travel after they took over in Meridian. There are stories of magnificent cities and exotic races, but these have become little more than myth. In actuality, outside of the desert, Hytara is a wasteland. Formerly the main home of the sliders, it was abandoned when they joined the druids. It had been magnificent at one time.

Hytara Desert is vast and is roamed by several dozen tribes. Many of these are engaged in various feuds and wars or simply don’t like each other. Because of the constant fighting between the tribes, it is nearly impossible to safely pass through the desert. Of note are the Culmack and Shira tribes. Allies, they work together to protect the future mother of the rightful faerae Queen. The Culmack tribe is primarily composed of bearers, dreamers, sliders, and humans. This tribe is later destroyed and the survivors end up scattered across the world, many fleeing to the relative safety of Ettara, the continent to their west. The Shira tribe is primarily composed of humans who had abandoned Terra centuries before. They also have some sorcerers and sorceresses among their number. Ruled by a Queen, Princess Shavria would have taken this title had the tribe not been destroyed. She is the last remaining Shiran.

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