The Dark Saga places: Kastana and the Frozen Lands

As of right now, I’m thrilled to have power, but as this storm is due to stick around until Friday morning, I still have to keep my fingers crossed and am writing this as fast as I can. I suppose in honor of this messy east coast weather I’ll be writing about two very cold continents.

Kastana is a peanut shaped continent north of Dyjakt. To the west is the Zamra Archipelago and Mystic Island, the fabled burial ground of now long forgotten faerae Queens. The upper half of Kastana is largely unexplored due to the severe cold and constant sheet of ice and snow. Few wander to the northern reaches of this continent and those who do are never seen from again. It is hypothesized that those who have wandered too far north have become frozen and many think the area must be a wonderland of frozen creatures. The southern half is slightly warmer and most of the continent’s small population is concentrated on the Morlay Ocean coast. There are a number of sliders and pipers residing here as well as one or two passing gypsy groups. Most of the residents keep out of the politics of the rest of the world and these sliders have refused to give up their quiet fishing villages for servitude under the druids. Fishing is the main livelihood as the delicious and highly sought after pale rainbow fish can only be found in cold waters.

The Frozen Lands lie to the north of Kastana. It is a continent of unknown size as no one is brave enough to face the extreme cold. There have been stories of explorers who have left for the Frozen Lands, only to be never seen again. As a result, this continent is highly unexplored and, to all knowledge, is the home to no living creatures. As it is so far north, it is thought to be a land of snow and ice, but, really, no one knows. There are some stories that say it’s really a paradise and so fantastic that no explorer has chosen to return to tell of their travels and what they have seen.

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