The Dark Saga: The Archons

The world was created by the Archons. As the creators, they serve as the world’s gods. Originally, there were three Archons: Time, Gray, and Spirit. As their world grew, they realized they needed others by their side to help keep the world developing and in balance. They created the Nature and Harmony Archons to preserve the world and allow peace to flourish. However, as they created the races, conflict arose. As a result, the original three Archons created the Dark and White Archons to help provide balance in a rapidly expanding world. Collectively, the seven Archons are the guardians of the world and each is worshipped by the various races.

The Time Archon is the first of the seven. His special number is one and he serves as the guardian of time and infinity. He tries hard to keep the peace among the other Archons and always strives to decide what is best for all of them and their world. When the Dark Archons leaves the fold, he is reluctant to go to war with him, but is convinced by the Harmony Archon that it must be done. As the first Archon and the lord of time, he is worshipped by all, but perhaps most ardently by the Humans and now extinct Sages.

The Nature Archon is the second of the seven. This one is two-faced, the female symbolizing the natural world and the male symbolizing human nature. Their special number is two. They are extremely peaceful and, like the Harmony Archon, craves harmony and peace among all creatures. They speak as one, may sometimes be found arguing against itself. As a secondarily created Archon, they defer to the original three, but when it comes to nature, they have the ruling voice. They are considered the personal god to the faerae, sibyls, and Dreamers.

The Gray Archon is the third of the seven. Her special number is three. This is a highly enigmatic Archon that is hardly seen, but ardently worshipped by the Elven and the Guardians. She is purportedly good and manages to stay out of conflicts. However, she stands firm as the guardian of peace and is the first to lead an attack against the Dark Archon when he tries to strike down the chosen faerae Queen, whose personal god she eventually becomes.

The Harmony Archon is the fourth of the seven. Her special number is four. She is the primary advocate for fairness and decided that a faerae should be raised to demigod status to counter the demigod the Dark Archon raised. She becomes the patron Archon of Meridian as a reminder to equality, but otherwise serves as the primary god to the gypsies and pipers.

The White Archon is the fifth of the seven. Her magic number is five and she is seen as the penultimate good. She is the patron of good magic and goodness in general. As such, she is the primary Archon to the Sorcerers and Sorceresses. She is often portrayed as the twin sister of the Dark Archon, but this is false.

The Dark Archon is the sixth of the seven. His special number is six. He rules over the dark aspect of life. He has always been a rebel among the Archons and has always plotted to place a creature of his choosing corrupted by the darkness upon the world throne. He chose a druid son to be the new ruler and gave him six chances, or “balls”, to destroy the true royal family and take over the world. As a dark manifestation, he was not openly worshipped by any race. However, after the druids took over, he became the special god to the druids and sliders.

The Spirit Archon is the seventh of the seven. His special number is seven. He rules over the dead and looks after the Life Stream. He prefers to stay out of the affairs of the other Archons and can rarely be found. But he develops a fondness for the faerae Queen and decides to join the other Archons in a battle against the Dark Archon. He is most ardently worshipped by the nearly extinct necromancers and the Bearers.

And next week I’ll be posting an excerpt involving the Archons in action, so to speak.

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