The Funny Shorts Story

My son threw his shorts up onto the hall light.

I know he didn’t mean to, but it happened, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

My kids enjoy their baths together. For now, at least. After all, I do have one boy and one girl. But, in California, it’s a good way to conserve water, and they get to have fun together. Most of the time, they enjoy it.

Lately, my daughter has been a little fish. She’ll easily spend an hour in there turning into a prune. The novelty has worn off of my almost five-year-old. There are other, more fun things to do. He’ll last 15-30 minutes before he’s ready to get out.

That day was one such day. My little fish kept splashing and my big boy wanted out.

Now, my son likes being wrapped in a towel until he’s mostly dry. Not a problem. It’s easier to dress him when it’s on his own terms. So, after a while, my daughter decided it was time to get out, but I’d left her towel in my bedroom. While the water was draining, I hurried over and grabbed it, and noticed my son still didn’t have his shorts on. I told him to get his shorts.

I got my daughter out of the tub and wrapped her in her own towel. We left the bathroom, and my son still didn’t have his shorts on. I idly wondered why his bathroom chair and two pillows were in the hall, but he’s a strange little boy. While holding a happy, towel-wrapped little girl, I told him to get his shorts. Again.

He just stood there and whined.

I went to get his sister’s diaper on her cute little tushie.

My son still didn’t have his shorts on.

How many times have I asked by now?

He just whined at me and finally pointed down the hall.

Okay. I get it. I’ll get his shorts for him.

Except, I go into the hall and, there, dangling from the light, are his shorts.


How he managed to toss them up there, I’m not sure.

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