The Haunted Wordsmith Questions

I’ve been following The Haunted Wordsmith for awhile, but have always been too busy to take part in her prompts and challenges. But now that I’m on the verge of going on a brief hiatus and am exhausted from a month of packing and unpacking, I decided to do today’s batch of questions. I also have nothing publishable and don’t want to write something new. Oh, and I’m completely procrastinating.

  1. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? Create college funds for my kids and invest the rest
  2. What is your favorite day of the week? I have 2 kids who are not yet in school. I don’t know the days of the week anymore. I think they all end in day, though
  3. You find a plainly wrapped box by your door with no address or markings on it – what do you do with it? Leave it and call the police. I’m paranoid
  4. If you could make someone do one thing – who would it be and what would you have them do? Me and I would make myself finish my almost 20 year old story
  5. It’s raining outside – what are you doing inside? Well, it’s raining today and I made chocolate chip cookies with the kids
  6. Puzzles, crossword puzzles, or word search? Puzzles. I love words, but I’m very spatial
  7. Would your teenage self recognize your adult self? Yes, and she would probably say “I can’t believe we’re still boring”
  8. You have one a celebrity chef for the day – who is it and what do they cook for you? Duff Goldman and cake
  9. Have you ever been banned or kicked out of a store? No
  10. What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate mousse cake
  11. What is the worst movie ever made (provide a link)? I’ve never been a fan of movies, so haven’t actually watched many, but I seriously hate the Star Wars movies. Sorry, but I find a family saga involving patricide set in space to be stupid and completely uncompelling.
  1. haunt rave

    Good morning,Fiona – I just wanted to thank you for writing and publishing all these great articles that you post at Hollow Hill. I read each and everyone of them and enjoy them all. I hope all is well with you. I’m hoping to meet up with you again some time. Blessings – Sue

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