The Kidnappers’ Dilemma

Cory: Al, I think we botched the kidnapping.

Al: Botched it? Why do you say that?

Cory: Candace wasn’t the girl we were supposed to get. Emily was!

Al: Don’t tell me we’ve got her sister back there!

Cory: Emily’s still in the house, Al.

Al: Forget it. We can’t go back.

Cory: Great. What do we tell the boss?

Al: He’ll just have to make do with the sister.

Cory: I think you’re nuts. He’ll kill us.

Al: Just relax. I’ll handle it.

Cory: Kidnapping this girl was a bad idea. We’re so dead.

Al: Leave it to me, okay?

Cory: Molly will never forgive you if you get yourself killed.

Al: Nuts. You’re right. What do we do?

Cory: Oh, don’t you look at me. You’re the one who got us into this mess in the first place.

Al: Put a sock in it, Cory. I need you to be quiet and help me think of a plan.

Cory: Quite a dilemma we’ve got here, isn’t it?

Al: Right. Now be quiet and think!

Cory: She looks so much like her sister, it’s no wonder we mixed them up.

Al: That’s it! We’ll pass her off as Emily.

Cory: Uh-huh. Right. They don’t look that similar up close.

Al: Very true.

Cory: We’ll just have to hope he accepts Candace. Unless…

Al: Xena can do some make-up tricks and turn her into an Emily look-alike.

Cory: Yeah. That should work. What should we do with the money we’ll get?

Al: Zebras would make great horses, don’t you think?

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