The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything: Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Since it is Mother’s Day week, I thought a little reflection was in order.

“The battle of life is almost always fought uphill. To win it without difficulty would be like winning it without honor. If there were no difficulties, there would be no success. If there were no struggles, there would be nothing to be achieved. Difficulties may intimidate the weak. But it serves as a stimulus to the men and women of resolution and valor.”

My extraordinary and beautiful wife wrote, this week, about not comparing yourself to others – to be your own yard stick. This is some excellent advice. This, week, as we should every day, we celebrate mothers – in particular my wife being one. I read a wonderful post by TheLonelyAuthor on the fact that “Moms do not wear a cape.” Thank you for that truly magnificent piece. Our society does not pay enough emphasis on this. The painful double standard in our society is precisely that all we do (not everyone) is say things; put up pretty pictures; make commercials for flowers to give; whatever. The sad reality is that our society does not seem to value mothers. And, while we have these cheesy commercials, and this day to commemorate mothers, we don’t – as a society – place value on mothering (or being a parent). Our society values violence, money and people hitting, bouncing or running a ball around; we value more surface impressions rather than actual content. We value entertainment more than we value the people who care and teach our children.

I have heard so many times the sentiment that mothers/fathers who stay at home don’t “really work.” This is incredibly misguided and completely thoughtless. I would dare anyone to do what a mother does on a regular basis – a shout out to single parents who can do it all! Honestly, I have heard this so much that I am numb to it. I will challenge anyone who believes the above statement to be a present parent for a full 24 hours with continuous disruptions in sleep – and then begin the journey again for another 24 hours – just being present with children.

As our wonderful blogger Nidhi (in her blog proposes Stop being nice and start being kind) in her message to be kind – people won’t remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel. I believe that is some insight into the meaning of life upon reflecting on the words of the Dread Pirate Roberts: “ Life is Pain.” Perhaps pain = 42? To me, this movie really speaks about life in general. And if you look closely, many tenets can be found there for serious reflection.

There are more struggles ahead. Be comforted that mothers (and fathers) lay the ground work to overcome adversity. There is more work to be done! Happy Mother’s Day!

-The Husband

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  1. Awesome share! I admit that before I had kids, I had A LOT of misconceptions about raising a family and staying at home with kids.

  2. Thank you for your comment Micah! I feel quite strongly about my opinion. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness and share about misconceptions. Honestly we all have them. I think a willingness to listen and evolve helps all of us to grow.

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