The One Thing Having Kids Taught Me About the Human Body (That I Probably Should Have Known)

I love that my kids are always learning and exploring and teaching me new things all the time. Their endless questions keep my brain working and Google functioning.

Now, I know the human body must grow as the child ages. I know they can’t stay little forever no matter how much I want them to.

We track how tall they’re getting. We marvel at how big their heads grow. We watch as their limbs stretch longer. Their little baby angel faces morph and their personalities shine through, evident in the naughty smile and glint in the eye.

But it wasn’t until my little girl opened her mouth one day and stuck out her tongue that I learned something new about the human body.

She was not quite one and had discovered how fun her tongue could be. She loved to stick it out, lick her lips, and lick everything in her path. She went from all hands to all tongue.

I marveled at how tiny and delicate her tongue looked. It was adorable. I stuck my tongue back out at her to get her giggling, and wondered at how much bigger it was.

I should have known it all along, but it was then that I realized the tongue grows, too!

I never paid much attention to my tongue. I never noticed it grew along with my head and face as it always sat so perfectly in my mouth. Being faced by a much smaller baby tongue had my brain lighting up.

Of course, I should have known this all along, but I’ve never given my tongue much thought; just plenty to taste. My husband probably thought I was a little bonkers (after all, he is a scientist and works closely with medical doctors), but it was new to me.

It’s amazing the things having kids teaches you and helps you discover. Now I’m finding myself studying their tongues and watching them grow. And missing those tiny little baby tongues.


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