The Weekly Question #1

Last year I had two types of posts that I enjoyed doing: Getting to Know you and daily questions. Mostly due to lack of time, I ended up stopping both, but now I’d like to bring the spirit of them back in the form of a weekly question. Feel free to answer. I’d love to get to know you better!

Do you prefer physical books, ebooks, or audiobooks?

Reading is a huge part of my life, even now as a mom of two. My husband and I read to our kids at naptime and bedtime, so we always have to have books on hand. So, of course, a book question had to be first.

Physical books have a very special place in my heart. I love turning the pages and smelling a brand new book. I’m sorry, but the musty smell of old books just makes me want to cough. I’m a little sensitive to certain smells. I think being able to flip through the book and back to the beginning for the maps in fantasy books is my favorite.

But I had a problem. I liked the big, heavy books, the kind of book you have to carry around because it’s too big to fit anywhere else. Ebooks became a bit of an arm saver. I love being able to tote around hundreds of books (literally) wherever I go and not even notice the weight. Of course, I miss being able to flip through the pages, but at least I always have more than one book with me. Because I carried two books with me whenever I was close to finishing one. In high school, people I didn’t know knew me as the girl with the big books.

I’ve never gotten into audiobooks and have only listen to one, so, obviously, they are not my preferred method of enjoying a book. I really don’t think they will be, either. I ended up zoning out through half of the book I listened to. Not good.

What about you? Which do you prefer?


  • Raney Simmon

    I completely agree with your answer. I love physical books because I love the feeling of being able to flip between the pages. But ebooks are also nice because you can carry as many books with you as you want. I even agree with you on audiobooks because whenever I listen to podcasts, I usually have to force myself to listen to what’s being said. Otherwise, I’ll completely zone out and miss most of what’s going on. I feel like audiobooks wouldn’t be any different for me if I tried to listen to them.

    • kat

      There’s nothing better than feeling the printed words and turning a page with bated breath, but being able to tote around a whole library feels like a reader’s dream. I often envy the people who can listen to audiobooks. I can just imagine how many more books I would be able to enjoy, but my visual attention span is definitely better than my audio! It’s great to meet another reader who thinks the same way!

    • kat

      Oh, yes, physical books are awesome for kids! My son has a ton of physical and e books, but definitely prefers the physical ones. They’re so much more engaging and he really loves turning the pages to his favorite parts.

  • OneLife

    Physical books, the hard copies without even an iota of doubt. The feel of turning the pages and the sweet smell of the ink is all the mesmerizes me.

  • Laurie Jansen

    I really still love physical books, but I love the ease with which you can get ebooks. Audiobooks don’t keep me occupied enough. My mind starts thinking of other things!

    • kat

      It’s amazing how much more engaging reading a book is than listening to it. My favorite thing about ebooks is buying them one second and getting it the next from the comfort of home, but my reading list hates me.

  • brookejcutler

    Give me a book to hold and feel the pages of, any day. Old or new, I don’t mind. ☺️E books are convenient for tracks but I’ll always go for the paper stuff If I’m home. (Sorry trees! 🥴) xx

    • kat

      If anyone was going to remember the trees, it was going to be you! I’d forgotten how much paper goes into one book, which makes ebooks so much more eco friendly, but nothing can beat turning a page and running fingers over printed words. I always love when my fingertips come away gray.

      • brookejcutler

        Ha ha ha. 😛 I do love my trees. lol! And me too, Kat! It’s like paper books make my soul happier, or something. Maybe one day they’ll figure out how to print books with recycled paper and not have it affect the reading experience too much. Fingers crossed, hey! xx

      • kat

        Fingers and toes crossed! I love paper, but I love, trees, too, and there’s just so much paper that gets wasted and recycled. I’m sure a brilliant mind will come up with something soon.

  • The Hungry Baker

    I have to go with physical books! I appreciate the convenience of both ebooks and audiobooks, but I have tried both of those options and just can’t get them to stick. I mostly listen to podcasts now and save my true reading time for the physical book.

    • kat

      I wish I could be more like you; I love physical books, but ebooks are so convenient right now. Though I do wish for the years before ebooks. There’s nothing better than holding a book and opening it up.

    • kat

      Audio books while cleaning is such a good idea! And what better way to read than listen to one while cleaning in order to have a tidy reading space that might just have a neat stack of waiting books?

    • kat

      That’s a good point. I get bored easily when I’m waiting, so I think I’ll have to try that now. And it’ll be a great habit to try to get the kids into.

  • mothertherealist

    I love love love real books. I haven’t any time for any form of a book at the moment, so am going to try the audio book route so I may listen as I fold laundry or whatnot.

    • kat

      I keep hearing how audio books are great while doing chores. So far none have engaged me, but it sounds like such a good idea. Instead of whistling while working, maybe listening to a book while working will make the chores go by faster.

      • mothertherealist

        I admit to losing track of the story more easily with audiobooks. I can’t follow the story at all when the kids are making noise.
        Still, it’s more book than I’m doing otherwise.

      • kat

        As moms, I think we’re supposed to take whatever we can. I’m reminded of a friend I had who has dyslexia. He said he gets a different story every time he reads a book, so every book has any number of stories in it. Perhaps listening to books isn’t so different.

  • theceaselessreaderwrites

    Physical books will forever remain my favorite.

    Since changing jobs in 2011, though, hence increasing the amount of time I spend in my vehicle to at least 1.5 hours per day, I have become a HUGE fan of audiobooks & eaudiobooks. I am fortunate to have an AWESOME public library that grant me free access to thousands of both, and I manage to listen to 20 – 25 per year. A good narrator can bring even mediocre books to life. Unfortunately, a lousy narrator can ruin a good book. The latter seems rarer than the former, though, at least so far.

    And since my baby bro; gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas in 2014 (followed shortly thereafter by the Paperwhite he’d grown tired of), I have also come to appreciate ebooks a great deal. They’re really handy when traveling since you can store multiple books on a single device, and it’s nice to be able to check out the e-version of a book from my library when all the physical copies are checked out.

    Good question!

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging!


    • kat

      So many people have mentioned how much they love listening to audiobooks while cleaning, driving, or when they’re otherwise unable to sit down and read that I think they’re worth another chance. I am absolutely afraid of coming across a good book with terrible narration, so it’s great to know that isn’t too common. It also sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy more books.

      I love that ereaders have made reading so much more accessible, especially for fast readers and those who enjoy thick books. I haven’t gotten around to checking out library books yet, but that’s a great point! There will always be an e copy, but maybe only a couple of physical books.

      At the same time, nothing can beat a real book.

      Happy reading, and thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • bitsanddragons

    Coming late after around two weeks offline. But physical, of course. I do read ebooks, but mostly because the printed version is not “immediately” available…that is, because someone sent me a e-copy of his book, or a copy of the book he/she is reading…

    • kat

      The ease of getting ebooks is lovely, and one of the things I absolutely adore about them, but nothing can really beat picking up a real book and feeling the weight of all those wonderfully put together words.

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