The Weekly Question #11

Do you like reading at the beach?

Summer will sadly be coming to a close soon. But there’s still time to lounge in the sand and enjoy evading waves. I mean swimming and whatever water sports there are (I am the furthest thing from sporty). Especially here in Southern California.

When it comes to reading, summer is all about beach reads. Honestly, any book that tickles my brain is considered a beach/summer read. But summer and pictures of people with floppy hats, big sunglasses, and books featuring whatever is considered a beach read are popular. Usually, they’re at the beach.

In my 32 years, I think I’ve only read at the beach once. Maybe. I don’t remember. I just have a feeling it happened. Once. Only because my parents were big on going to the beach for the sunset, and reading in the dark is hard. Actually, my optometrist told me not to because my eyesight was getting really bad.

So, no, I don’t read at the beach. What about you?

  1. genevacerrato

    I would much prefer to be curled up at home with a good book. I tend to feel self conscious reading in public (so the beach and pool are out for me) and feel like people are watching me. It’s more comfortable to be in the quiet comfort of my own home.

    • kat

      Home is a great place to read. I feel like so many people are on devices when they go out that someone reading a book just sticks out like a sore thumb. Definitely not a comfortable experience!

  2. Author A. R. Curry

    The thought of reading at a beach is great, but in practice, I hate it. The ocean is too loud, the sun is too hot (even under an umbrella), and there’s too much sand blowing around and seagulls squawking and pooping everywhere… Oh, and then all the cheerful screaming, which equals one too many distractions. Ugh x5!

    • kat

      I absolutely agree! In theory, it sounds wonderful and so relaxing, but, in reality, it’s just impossible. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion seagulls use beachgoers as target practice.

  3. Autumn

    I could never go out and sit still, especially if there’s any sort of water involved. I probably hold the record of being the only mom who goes down the water slide at the pool.

  4. Amir

    Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Are you kidding me? Reading anything on the beach? Like with that stunning view of the ocean, skies, people having fun and especially when you have an awesome company, who’d want to open a book and read (and bore to death)? Enjoy the waves and throw their books in the water alongwith them…. LOL

    • kat

      Someone who really loves and enjoys books will read anywhere. Besides, how is it different from a sunbather who closes their eyes or sticks ear buds in their ears to listen to music? Everyone has a different concept of fun at the beach, so I sincerely hope your comment was simply made in jest.

      • Amir

        Oooo… you seem pissed as if I actually threw you alongwith your books into the ocean. There was nothing enlightening in your comment though.

      • kat

        Oh, I see. You must be one of those bloggers I’ve heard a lot about, the ones who enjoy spreading discontent and ire. You are, of course, welcome to continue to comment on my blog (I believe in free speech), but I ask that you do not take offense if I choose to not respond or otherwise engage with you.

      • Amir

        … and you must be one of those bloggers who is always pissed for no reason and can’t for a minute bear anyone else enjoying blogging while throwing your kind (unsubscribing) into the ocean of abyss where no books are found, only dead stinky carcasses of fish to eat.

    • kat

      I imagine that would have been really hard, though it must great for mountain reading. Personally, I don’t think beach reading would work for me, but I hear it’s actually a wonderful experience and very relaxing. And Washington must be a lot closer to beaches than Colorado.

      • jennifermzeiger

        Washington is definitely closer to the beach! And I can say I’ve spent some time in the mountains, away from the crazy of life, reading. I highly recommend it! 🙂

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