The Weekly Question #12

What is your favorite first day of school tradition?

I know. I just asked about reading on the beach last week and now I’m jumping to school. In my defense, my son starts Kindergarten in a few weeks, and I am freaking out.

My mom never had first day of school traditions for us, except to put my and my sister’s uniform jumpers on backwards on our very first days of wearing them. But now with social media I get to see what other parents do, and I’d really love to do something cute for my kids.

I have vague ideas of what I want to do, and I definitely know my husband and I will both accompany him, but everything else is hazy.

So, I want to know: what is your favorite first day of school tradition?

  1. mothertherealist

    Wellllll… I know it’s ‘a thing’ to make a cute sign with First Day of School and their blood type and dental records listed -okay, really- with some of their interests or hopes for school. Then the mom takes a similar picture for the last day of school. It’s a cute side-by-side.

    Since I have more than one child and am often in the clothes-backwards boat, we just make sure we take their picture sometime around that first week. 🙂

      • kat

        This will be my very first and, as much as I long for perfection, I’ll have to take a page from all of you seasoned moms because I have a feeling I’m going to spend more time pleading with my family to get moving.

    • kat

      I love the sign idea; those pictures are so cute! Haha, my son’s will read too many cavities to count. But, seriously, as cute as they are, I wonder how long it takes to get that perfect picture. My kid has neither the patience nor the inclination to look anything but silly. Though I imagine teenagers are worse with their death stares. Must be why I’ve never seen a first day of school picture of a teenager.

      So, one kid a day?

  2. genevacerrato

    Taking a picture is a must. And I do a picture on the last day of school too. But it’s also just making him a yummy lunch, helping him pick out an outfit that he likes, helping him style his hair, just really making sure he is happy and comfortable and feels special going into his first day 🙂

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