The Weekly Question #13

Why do you read?

Yes, I’m back to reading. Can’t help myself.

There are so many reasons why people read from escape to keeping up with what’s popular. But I’m not asking why you read a particular book, why you choose to pick up a book, or even what happened in your life to turn you into a reader.

No, I want to ask just why you read. There are so many things out there to hold your attention, from social media to video games to planning out next year’s vacation. So, why do you read? Why do you make time to read anything, whether a book or newspaper, or even just the headlines scrolling at the bottom of the news shows (totally guilty; they’re more interesting that what’s being discussed)?

Tomorrow I’ll share why I read. Today I want to ask why you read.


  • Author A. R. Curry

    I consider reading a good change of pace. It’s a different medium. My ears are getting a break. I’m getting a break!! Reading is, for the most part, a solitary endeavor that allows me to get me time while exploring whatever it is the book is offering. I also read to study the writing craft and to be able to movie goers, “Whatev, I read the book!”

    • kat

      Oh, absolutely, and especially when do many books are being made into movies now! Reading is a nice break, a good way to wind down. With kids around, it’s definitely a nice way to give the ears a break, too.

  • Lisa R. Howeler

    Reading slows my brain down, where social media and the media in general speeds it up and flings it out of control. It’s also an escape for me – an escape that is long enough for me to simply slow down and focus on the story in front of me.

    • kat

      That’s interesting, though I absolutely agree that it’s a good escape. I hear most people say reading makes their brains hurt while staring at a screen gives them a break. It’s good to know it’s the opposite for some.

      • Lisa R. Howeler

        Oh no – the screen over stimulates my brain. Sometimes a good movie or show helps me relax but social media and other surfing overloads my brain. I sometimes wonder if I have a bit of aspergers to be honest, but the. I have heard that hormone shifts can also cause a sensitivity to a lot of visual stimuli or noise. And Maybe those other people are reading the wrong things. 😉

  • brookejcutler

    I read because I crave knowledge. I read because I love to disappear into new worlds, and make new friends, and fall in love over and over again. I read because I love the way it feels to see my humanity reflected back at me through the words of others. I can’t wait to see your reasons, Kat. xx

    • kat

      Me, too! Reading is very transportive and an amazing way to discover and rediscover oneself. There’s a beautiful quality to reading that just can’t be duplicated any other way.

  • Kai

    Because reading, unlike social media, television, or even video games feeds me. Even when I’m enjoying a movie or a game, I feel like energy is being siphoned off and my mind is shut down. When I’m reading, I feel like I’m turning my brain on and powering up.

    • kat

      Reading material is so rich and full of thought-provoking material. I absolutely agree with you; I feel like it powers up my brain, too. Reading requires thought and feeds the soul.

  • jennifermzeiger

    Gah! Good question but not so easily answered. Ultimately, I think it stretches my brain. I always want to know more, see a new story, find out how this character handles a situation…and it helps me understand people. See life through other’s eyes.

    And I agree with Kai, there’s something refreshing about reading that I don’t find in social media, checking out the news, or watching a movie.

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