The Weekly Question #14

Do you prefer analog or digital clocks?

In the age of technology, you can’t turn somewhere without seeing a digital clock. It makes reading the time oh so easy. After all, it’s just a set of 3-4 numbers.

I’m both spatial and non-spatial. I can’t tell distances, but looking at spaces gives me a lot of information. Like on a clock face. A quick glance tells me the time, how much time has passed since the hour struck, and how much more time needs to pass before the next hour strikes. Very spatial. Using a digital clock, though, makes me use addition and subtraction (ew, math), and I always picture a clock face anyways.

Needless to say, I’m hopelessly in love with analog clocks. We have many digital clocks I’ve learned to use, but my first love will always be the analog clock.

Do you prefer analog or digital?


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