The Weekly Question #3

Do you believe in magic?

Since I’m taking this blog in a magical direction, I’m curious to know how many people believe in magic.

I don’t remember what first introduced me to fantasy and magic, but I had fallen into fantasy books by the time I was 10. A lot of my memories are of magic, witches, and dragons. I spent a lot of my free time devouring them, or trying desperately to make magic work. I tried writing my own spells and reciting the words given to me in the books I read. This was years before Harry Potter, though I tried those, too.

I used to wish on stars, wishing for magic or a stuffed animal to come alive. I used to get lost in daydreams of being a sorceress. My brother used to accuse me of being a witch (not of the Wiccan kind). If only! If I were a witch, he’d be a toad, so he should count himself lucky he was wrong.

As an adult in her early 30s, I still believe in magic. I often look at my crazy feline and ask her if she’s my familiar. She just gives me her usual glare.

I’d love to conjure fire or make the earth tremble or just make the floor clean itself. I can’t help getting lost in a fantasy book, wishing for magic, and trying my hardest to find a shred of magic in me. Gosh, I’d have so much time to play with my kids if my chores could do themselves that my kids would probably beg me to leave them alone. Oh, to have a pot stir itself…

I definitely believe in magic. What about you?


  • bitsanddragons

    Yes I do. Yes I know. I’m a physicist. But I have a rational explanation for magic, for my magic. It’s the mind over the probabilities. So there’s a probability, very small but there is, that I can create fire over the tip of my middle finger. If the probability exists, and the effect can be explained, we just need to wait for the cause. Recently they detected a neutrinoless double beta decay ( on a dark matter experiment. That even was supposed to be so rare that the average lifetime was 10 times the age of our universe. And we saw one.

    • kat

      Well, if a physicist believes in magic then it must be possible, and my fingers are crossed! There’s so much I could use it for… Seriously, though, in fiction, there’s a fine line between magic and science, but if much of fiction is founded on reality, then perhaps there’s a possibility of magic. Maybe it’s out there and we just haven’t figured it out yet. But if you do create fire, do let me know. I have a friend who would love to replicate it, though she is a bit of a pyromaniac.

  • brookejcutler

    Ooh, ooh! Pick me! I believe in magic! 😛 ( If you hadn’t already guessed, ha ha ha) In fact, I can teach you some magic. Rub your hands together for about twenty seconds, really fast. And then slowly pull them apart slightly cupped, maybe about ten cm apart. Then slowly move them together again. You should be able to feel the energy vibrating from your palms, and when you pull your hands into a ball shape you may be able to feel the energy become a little denser, especially if you move your hands in and out or up and down. Magic! If you’re super magic you may even be able to see the energy in between your hands! 🙂 xx

  • jordanquirkcole

    I knew there was a magical reason we crossed paths 😉🖤 I believe in Magic with everything I am! My dog is 100% my familiar, though I would love to have a cat one day too. I wish my magical workings included chores too…. so far I can just manifest jobs, opportunities, and tune into future events. Still really hoping my magic evolves to include self operated cleaning though. The roomba will have to suffice until then 😉

    • kat

      In a world so full of the mundane, it’s so nice to meet someone who has that spark of magic. Any little bit of magic is better than none. Perhaps I should have a dog, too. Cats are too stubborn. Though if you’ve ever seen the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch TV show, my cat reminds me a lot of Salem, so I’m hoping her glare is a yes.

  • mothertherealist

    Most definitely. I believe it’s imperative to believe that way as a writer, too, especially if a writer wants to ever write for children.

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