The Weekly Question #4

What’s your favorite go-to dinner to make?

I’m so bad at meal planning. I wrote a whole post about it. I love to bake, but don’t ask me what I’m making for dinner. As it is, my husband usually decides what we eat and I just make it.

My favorite meals to prepare are quick. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking; I just have two kids who demand my attention every waking moment. And I often forget to take the meat out of the freezer. I think my kids are used to me jumping up and exclaiming, “The chicken!”

I think my favorite go-to dinner to make is Rachael Ray’s Spanish Style Beef, except we use turkey and sausage instead. I always seem to have everything I need for it on hand, and I’ve even used half frozen meat and it’s turned out well. But I really love that it takes about a half hour to make and I can pair it with tortillas, rice, and pasta.


What’s your favorite? Feel free to include a link if it’s somewhere online!

  1. Jenni

    Our favorite is when we do breakfast for dinner. We love a good southwest omelette with peppers and onions. I never use a recipe, so winging it either ends wonderfully or it’s just “decent.”

  2. JoAnn

    I grew up on a potato farm so I love most anything that involves potatoes, mashed, baked, fries with all the fixins’. You can pair that with almost any kind of meat, roast chicken, pot roast, steak, etc. That’s what you call meat and potatoes, lol.

    • kat

      I love potatoes. They’re so versatile. My mom’s defaults were potatoes and rice, so I have a great fondness for meat and potatoes!

  3. mothertherealist

    Ha! This is such a thing for me that I included a bunch of mine as the “Cheapest, Bestest Meals.” ( My husband’s go-to is chili. He uses a canned variety from Costco and adds chopped onion, bell pepper, and sometimes tomato. My favorite I use most frequently is grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.

    • kat

      Grilled cheese sounds so good right now. That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to try your French dip sandwich recipe for too long. If I weren’t so bad at meal planning, I’d have cheese and roast beef on hand, and dinner for part of the week would be set.

      • mothertherealist

        I had it again recently. It’s totally a meal you can pick up everything for at the store!

  4. EM

    I LOVE food, so most of the time I peruse cookbooks looking for something interesting to try, then make a special run to the grocery store for ingredients. That works out for me a lot better than the weekly grocery shopping did.

    • kat

      My family is fickle when it comes to dinner. What sounds good on Saturday doesn’t sound so appetizing on Wednesday, so I wonder if the same method might work better for us, too. I image it would cut down on wasted ingredients when we change our minds.

  5. ourlittleredhouseblog

    I am not the best at cooking. My Italian husband loves cooking so mostly he will plan a yummy meal for the family. My go to meals are chicken soft tacos (which my family LOVES) and pasta. The tacos tend to take a while because of all the chopping of vegetables that go into them. That Spanish style beef looks yummy.

    • kat

      Chicken tacos and pasta sound delicious. Haha, I’m jealous; my husband is a tornado in the kitchen and sometimes splices recipes together for interesting, well-meant meals, so I try to keep him out even though I’m not a fan of cooking.

  6. Tiny Woman Tall World

    My favorite easy dinner is bbq chicken packets. I just cube the chicken and add in whatever veggies I have roaming around my fridge…hopefully add in some pineapple if I was thinking ahead…dash on bbq sauce…and grill or bake. Then top with cheese! It’s so easy but so comforting!

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