The Weekly Question #5

If you were to build your own home, what shape would it be?

When we were kids, my friends and I would talk about what kind of house we would build and how we would furnish it. Eventually, it became a discussion about how we would arrange the furniture in a round house. Considering furniture, at least the furniture back when we were kids, were mostly made to fit against a wall, we found the thought of putting a couch up against a curved wall funny. Then we talked about whether curved furniture would actually be practical. I don’t think we ever decided.

Yeah, we had interesting conversations and ideas back then.

My husband and I sometimes talk about building our own home. We have different styles, so building one from scratch would ensure we both get what we want. Of course, we would probably go with something a little more traditional, like one with corners.

But sometimes I think having a round house might be interesting. There are more furniture options these days, after all. Though I still think there would be some level of frustration in trying to furnish a round house. It might still be fun to have one, though.

At least I could still have a spiral staircase even if I don’t have a round house.

What about you?



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