The Weekly Question #7 (revisited)

This was a fun thing I used to do: ask a question, answer it, and see what your answer would be. But it became difficult for me to keep up with, so I had to stop. As I was scrolling through looking for fun posts to revisit, I came across this one, which somehow seems fitting because I’d be up for moving to another planet right about now.

First published June 6, 2019

If you had to (not got to) live on another planet (whether or not it’s actually habitable), which planet would it be?

With the pandemic going on, I would so live on another planet. Any planet. I would feel lucky to get to live on another planet; it definitely wouldn’t be a “had to” thing. Actually, maybe we might have to one day…

My son loves space. We live not too far away from JPL and have had the good fortune to visit twice. We were supposed to go at the end of this past March. My son was so disappointed it was cancelled “because of coronavirus”. The last time was for their open house. One of their exhibits was about exoplanets. It was lovely; they had it set up kind of like a travel agency, though what they had to say about some of the planets (which were quite cute and funny) made me thankful I live in Earth. But it got me thinking… if I had to live on another planet, which one would it be? I don’t feel particularly thankful I live on Earth right now…

Saturn. Just for a daily view of the rings. My son loves Saturn for those rings. He’ll put rings around anything round and call it Saturn. Sometimes it’s Uranus, but, most of the time, it’s Saturn. It would be lovely to give him a view of those rings. And I wouldn’t mind, either.

What about you? What planet would you pick?

2 thoughts

    1. I imagine Saturn must be quite beautiful with the rings. Pluto sounds like a really good choice when it’s really hot, so I agree I’d like to go to Pluto, too.

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