The Weekly Question #7

If you had to (not got to) live on another planet (whether or not it’s actually habitable), which planet would it be?

My son loves space. We live not too far away from JPL and have had the good fortune to visit twice. The last time was for their open house. One of their exhibits was about exoplanets. It was lovely; they had it set up kind of like a travel agency, though what they had to say about some of the planets (which were quite cute and funny) made me thankful I live in Earth. But it got me thinking… if I had to live on another planet, which one would it be?

Saturn. Just for a daily view of the rings. My son loves Saturn for those rings. He’ll put rings around anything round and call it Saturn. Sometimes it’s Uranus, but, most of the time, it’s Saturn. It would be lovely to give him a view of those rings. And I wouldn’t mind, either.

What about you? What planet would you pick?

    • kat

      With so many planets, I imagine it must be! Your book sounds adorable. I’ll have to run it by my kids. I’d get it, but they’re funny in that if they don’t pick it themselves, they won’t touch it. It’s great they’re so independent, but not so when I really want to share a book with them!

  1. brookejcutler

    I don’t know much about space but I’d like to learn more because I do find it all very interesting. I think I’d like to live on the moon. If I could somehow magic a tree up there and live under a tree on the moon…that might be nice. ☺️😉

    • kat

      Oh, that sounds just lovely! And so like you to bring a tree to the moon. Quiet and the beauty of nature, plus a view that’s hard to rival. What could be better?

  2. Unconventional Mami

    The gas planets are my favorite type. All of them have rings, beautiful coloring, and they are the largest planets in the solar system. When it comes down to which planet is my favorite, I am torn between Jupiter and Saturn. But for Kat, I will choose just one. Based on size, coloring, the amount of moons, and storm activity, I’ll go with Jupiter.

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