The Weekly Question #8

What is your favorite breakfast?

I need breakfast like most people need coffee. I refuse to give it up. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I simply refuse to function if I don’t have breakfast.

It’s been as simple as some crackers while on my way to high school at 6:15 am to the Christmas breakfast my mom used to make of scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, breakfast potatoes, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls.

But my favorite is something my mom would make for my dad. A ham and egg sandwich. Black forest ham and a fried egg between two toasted pieces of bread.

My husband is a cancer researcher and every time some food is linked to cancer, well, we stop eating it. Like deli meats. So, so long black forest ham. Of course, he compromises and says severe moderation might be okay, but we try not to risk it unless we’re severely craving it.

Like now.


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