This One’s For My Cat

August has not been a kind month. It woke me up on the very first day with bad news, and bad news kept rolling in. We’re only now getting to a point where some good is being let in, but this past month has been rough.

If you’ve been a Saturday reader enjoying The Husband’s posts, be rest assured he is still alive and overworked. Eventually he will return to posting.

I had about 3 different posts I wanted to do for today. Maybe 4. But I’m so exhausted that I just can’t will myself to write them. One day I will, though. But, seeing as I’m writing this the day before it’s to be published, it’s probably not going to be today.

Instead, it’s been awhile since my pretty kitty has been front and center. With two toddlers who are constantly going after her, she deserves some love!

Without further ado, Xena, my Warrior Kitty (who can’t kill a fly, much less catch one, and prefers to hide under beds)!


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