Under the Weather

I spent all weekend debating what to post today. It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another motherhood post. I have some written, but none I care to share at this moment. I also have a few planned that have yet to be written.

On Saturday, I considered writing about how I got my 4 year old son to almost completely stop saying poop/butt combinations. On Sunday, I was still seriously considering it.

But I also woke up sick on Sunday. Actually, I woke up at around 2:30am with my daughter and realized my throat hurt. Well, it looked like I had caught my son’s cold. It was really only a matter of time since he woke up sick on Thursday.

I thought about continuing on with my regular blogging despite being under the weather. I was going to push on and just write the darn post. My plan was to respond to comments and write it while my kids napped. Unfortunately, they woke up earlier than I thought they would, so I never got around to writing the post. That’s okay. That’s what after they go to bed is for.

Or so I thought.

Instead, I spent all afternoon wondering if I should. This is a lifestyle blog. I couldn’t help but wonder if I should even be calling it that if I don’t write about my life right now. I can write about how I got my son to stop with the poop and butt talk, but I did it a month or so ago, so it’s not really my current life.

Currently, I am sick and occasionally cursing my idea of putting my son in school knowing full well he was going to bring everything home and I was going to catch everything with him.

So, that’s my post for today. Being sick right now is my life.

Oh, and hoping I’ll recover soon because we’ve got a field trip to a pumpkin patch on Thursday and as much as he’s going to hate the hay ride, corn maze, and petting zoo, I really want him to experience it.

Maybe next week I’ll have that poop/butt post ready.


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