Update for this Week

Hi, Everyone!

So, definitely not my normal type of post for a Monday. I never got around to finishing up what I had planned for today because I got my COVID vaccine on Saturday…and got almost every side effect about 6 hours later. Still suffering, but at least I got the single dose one, so I’m done! But, because half of me is still ouch, this week will be a light one as my body hopefully recovers so I can catch up on, well, a lot. I’ll have reviews on Tuesday and Thursday, an excerpt on Wednesday, and the next part of Sisters of String and Glass on Friday and then I’ll see you again next Monday!

Have a lovely week, everyone!



10 thoughts

  1. Wow, I’m so happy you got the vaccine already! I’m looking forward also, but these guys one day say one thing, the next day another. So it’s not clear when “us” (technically not in a risk group) will be vaccinated 😩😩

    1. Vaccination time is such a crazy time. Our country and even our state have been all over the place about eligibility, too, but I still have my fingers crossed everyone in the world who wants one will get one soon.

  2. I am happy you got the vaccine and a little peace of mind that comes with it. Feel better!

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely have a little more peace of mind, and it’s nice to be able to exhale just a little.

    1. It was, but it made me feel better thinking some of the people in line with me were probably feeling just as miserable.

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