What If My Daughter Had Been Born on Star Wars Day?

My daughter was due at the end of May. But I had serious doubts as to whether we would actually make it to May. Her brother was born nowhere near his due date and even though my doctor did what she could to try to keep the baby in until term, I’m mostly sure I started dilating in mid-April.

As April came to a close, I began to fret. May 4th was coming up fast. How long could I stay dilated at 3cm before giving birth? Scouring the Internet didn’t give me any real answer.

Would it be so terrible if she had been born on Star Wars Day? Probably not.

But I’m not a Star Wars fan (not even a Trekkie, though I do admire Captain Picard). For anything Star Wars, you’ll have to find my husband. He wrote about Darth Vader earlier today. I didn’t even know there were comic books until I read his post.

Anyways, I didn’t see the movies until I was 12, didn’t even know about its existence. I saw them when we were visiting family in Canada. My aunt and uncle had the movies and we were bored one day. And then I never saw the movies again until high school when my orchestra teacher decided it was a good idea to show them in class. Backwards. Because apparently the music gets worse as you go backwards? I don’t know. I think that’s what my teacher said.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad these movies brought science fiction and fantasy to prominence. But all I see is a family saga that has a bad habit of ignoring history and repeating itself. And it just happens to take place in space.

I ask my husband questions about Star Wars all the time. Because I honestly don’t get it. I’ve made him rethink a few things.

So, as Star Wars Day approached with no baby in sight, I was nervous. I did not want my child sharing a day with a movie franchise. Especially one I’ve spent almost 20 years rolling my eyes at.

My daughter must have heard my pleas. She does not share a day with Star Wars.

Thank goodness.

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