Why Are Cake Mixes So Sweet?

I don’t know about you, but I have a huge sweet tooth. Which probably explains why I bake with my kids almost every week. My older toddler actually expects us to bake every week.

Lately, I’ve been having fun turning cake mixes into cookies. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been doing about one a week. Well, it saves on flour! And sugar. And baking powder.

But since I don’t use the whole box for the cookies, I always have some left over. I was a little stumped as to what to do with it for a little while.

Then I started making mug cakes because no one else wanted cake. I was certain I could tweak my recipes a bit and substitute in the cake mix.

Actually, it turned out quite well. Light and fluffy and moist.

And sweet!

Boy, was it sweet! I didn’t even add any sugar, but it felt like I had. I couldn’t finish it. I felt like I was shoving spoonfuls of sugar into my mouth.

Why are cake mixes so sweet? Or is it just me? It’s not even just that I was trying something different. I sometimes make actual cake and still find it too sweet. Maybe I’m just used to cakes from scratch, cakes where I know exactly how much sugar is in it.

Now, I did love that it was light and moist. I just hated how sweet it was. And perhaps that’s why I prefer to bake from scratch even with 2 little people toddling around, breaking eggs and trying to stick fingers in everything. But it’s worth it to not be gagging on unknown quantities of sugar.

Oh great. I promised my son we would make brownies from a box this week.


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