Why Are My Kids So Tired Today?

On one hand, I got lucky.

Sleep and my kids have never gotten along. Both have always been on the lower end of the recommended amount of sleep for their age range. 12-15 hours? I can expect 11-12 hours on any given day. Though, my daughter seems to hate sleep more than her brother does.

My son is almost 4 and clings to his naps about 5-6 days a week. He sleeps at night. At least, he’s always snoring when I check on him. Most days he takes about 20-30 minutes to fall asleep for bedtime and naptime.

My daughter is younger and more variable. Sometimes she falls asleep within minutes. Sometimes it takes a half hour. Sometimes she doesn’t even take her morning nap anymore. I have learned to stop fighting her with sleep. She’ll sleep when she’s good and ready, and often sleeps better when her routine is a little more flexible.

Today my daughter did not take her morning nap. She fell asleep hard about 15 minutes before her brother’s naptime. Which is good and bad. The good: she’s not climbing over her brother while he’s trying to fall asleep. The bad: she naps on me in the afternoon, so I had to make sure our before naptime routine was done early.

But I get why she’s so tired. She didn’t sleep well last night and refused her morning nap, but did get to enjoy a morning walk.

I can’t explain my son. Even when his sister falls asleep early, it takes 15-20 minutes for him to nod off. I checked on him last night. This kid slept like the dead. Usually, walks invigorate him because he rides in the stroller. But today he started snoring within 10 minutes.

I got lucky today.

On the other hand, why are they so tired today?! Does this mean they’re not going to nap for the full time? Will they sleep well tonight? Can I count on naps tomorrow?

The questions that run through the mind of a mom who loves naptime.

Well, guess this is one unanswered question.


  • bitsanddragons

    Naptimes are great. I feel like if I have holidays in the middle of the day. This if I don’t join them, of course. Because if they are tired enough to nap, I may be also if I didn’t have enough of my drug (caffeine) 😛

    • kat

      Haha, it can be really hard not to join in! Naptime are awesome. But sometimes they make me suspicious. My kids are not supposed to be this easy!

  • Khola Wasti

    I heard about ‘growth spurts’.. When it occurs kids sleep more than they usually does.. By the way kids nap is the best time, I use to call it ‘Me Time’s. 😁

    • kat

      Oh, I love naptime, but, when it happens so easily, I get suspicious. I wish I could say it was a growth spurt, but neither of them ever seen to grow when they sleep a lot.

  • brookejcutler

    My goodness. This (sleeping/naps) have without a doubt been the most baffling part of parenthood for me. If only each kid came with a sleep manual, hey! 😂xx

    • kat

      It really is baffling! Every time I think I’ve figured it out, I really hadn’t. Babies really should come with a manual.

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