Why Can’t Aliens Look Like Us?

I am the mother of a little boy who is currently obsessed with space and the wife of a man who is fascinated by aliens and UFOs. Talk of aliens comes up a lot here.

So, why can’t aliens look just like us? Do they have to be blobs? Blue? Have tentacles? Have super strength? Be radioactive? Have antennae?

Aliens touch movies, art, and books, and probably many more areas I’m not awake enough to think of right now. Sometimes they have a humanoid look. Sometimes they don’t. I watch Star Wars with my husband because we only have 1 TV and see human after human with some odd creatures mixed in. I watch PJ Masks with my son where Luna Girl is clearly not from Earth, but she sure looks like a little girl.

My son has a fascination with space, which means I read a book of space facts to him every day. It reminds me the universe is massive and contains so many galaxies.

Surely, there must be life on other planets. And who’s to say there isn’t some weird alien creature hiding out in the gases of Neptune and we’re just not advanced enough to discover them?

And why can’t aliens look just like us, be just like us? What if, somewhere far out there, there’s another mom pondering this same thing?!

I seriously ask this sometimes. But today I’m tired, so it’s literally the only question rattling around in my head.

Though I suppose it’s possible every other life form could hear with their feet and eat with their ears.

Thoughts? Or am I just nuts?

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  1. Answer: because of probability. There were other “humans” on Earth before us (the red-haired people that lived on Europe before we sapiens arrived) but they come from the same branch, so to say. Our design is proven to be quite good, however, I don’t think it’s the only one valid.

    I luckily have two sons. They are fascinated by space, aliens, and so on. I let them imagine what I want, but I think the reality will be beyond our imagination. The more realistic aliens for me will look like the ones on the Lovecraft’s books, if you know what I mean. As a physicists, seen what I already saw, I really hope I don’t die before we have proofs of life beyond Earth. That is not meaning we know how they are…

    1. That’s fascinating; I didn’t know that! Coming from a psychology background, I do people and space kind of terrifies me. I want my children to imagine what could be possible, but the possibilities scare me silly. I hope you get a definite answer one day! As for me, I hope I never have to find out! Thank you so much for your answer!

  2. There has to be alien life out there. For all we know we could be aliens of some sort 🤣 I really hope we some sort of alien life in my time. Our planet can’t be the only one with life on it especially in our vast universe. Even our own galaxy should have some sort of life.

    1. Right? The universe really is too vast for us to be the only ones. Who’s to say other life forms can’t exist on non-Earth-like planets? Sometimes I think there must be something in the gas planets, which is just too close for comfort!

      1. Exactly the vast size of our universe is so vast we can’t even come close to measuring it. Imagine discovering life in our own solar system that would be amazing. We’ve hardly scratched the surface with the planets in our own solar system and get excited thinking of the possibility if we get through our gas like planets to discover what’s actually there.

  3. I’m Doug….the alien hunter! There are different species of aliens among us! There are human/alien hybrids commonly called hubrids! They look identical to humans and you cannot distinguish them except they have far superior intelligence. They are here to observe and blend in with society! They are teachers, doctors and even little league baseball coaches.
    There are also some that do not look human at all! They live deep in the earth and cannot support themselves above ground for very long…only short periods of time! One would have to be closed minded to think that we are the only intelligent life that exists! There are known sea creatures that have super intelligence and can change into anything they want to elude their prey! Most aliens have hidden agendas,unfortunately much like our political clowns! Be aware that some (potentially a large number) are alien hybrids! Don’t just look up to the sky…take a look around you and pay attention to details! Be very aware of their presents! Who knows?…..I might be one!

    1. That’s very likely. Maybe you’ll grow up and work to find more clues of extraterrestrial life. If you do, I’d love to know!

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