You Ask “Again?” I Say “Because I Can”

I must at least be a princess of blog changes. Let’s see. I started up again a little over 2 years ago and have made…well, I can’t remember now how many changes. Then again, I’m probably one of the most indecisive people you’ll ever know, so it can’t be surprising, right?

Okay, in all honesty I’m not making too many changes. Actually, it might not even really be noticeable. But, first, I’d like to explain myself, if I may.

I Want You to Know…I Am Privileged

Some people blog because it’s their job or side hustle. Other people blog because it’s a hobby. I blog because, well, it’s just something that I do. It’s neither a job nor a hobby. If a job is something you do to earn money, then earning 0 cents from this would not make this blog my job. If a hobby is something you’re interested in that you do in your leisure time, well, I don’t want to do this in my leisure time. So, I should stop blogging, right? Well, no. I’ve done it every day for over 2 years, so it’s a habit now. I blog out of habit. Not because I make money. Not because it’s a hobby.

It didn’t even start as a potential job or a hobby. I started blogging, way back in 2010, because I didn’t know what I was doing and created a blog by accident. Then I started blogging just because. Then I started blogging again because it felt like a good idea. The jury’s still out on that decision.

But I want you to know I do this simply because I can. Because I am privileged. My husband makes it possible for me to not have to work, to not have to make a single cent. If I wanted, I could just be home and take care of the kids and not even have to think about working ever for the rest of my life. Yes, I am lucky. But I get bored so easily. I once spent 2 months completely bored out of my skull not by choice and ended up with a hamster I randomly talked to while she slept. I can’t do boredom. So, apparently, I blog. I can afford to literally do whatever I want, to promote or not promote, to do social media or not, to write about things I want to and don’t want to because I have that luxury. If you ever get a consistent message from my blog, I hope it’s that it has no idea what it’s doing or where it’s going and that will likely always be true.

Which is Why I’m Feeling Off Beat Right Now

I have had many quirky ideas about what to do with my little space of the Internet lately. Not because I really wanted to change anything, but because I get antsy and I like trying out new things. Some kind of make sense. Others were just…weird.

I tried for a long time to keep my posts more formal, especially my book reviews as I post them to places like Amazon and Goodreads for other readers to read, but it’s so boring. I get so annoyed with myself when I remind myself to be so formal so each book can be taken individually. So, I decided I’m done. I’ll talk about the characters, setting, and plot, but I want to have some fun. I’ll probably clean it up and make it more presentable for sites outside of my blog, but I really do want to have some fun.

There’s a miniature me who dances around in my head like a crazy person and I kind of want to let her out because her twirling makes me dizzy.

As I said, I have the freedom to promote or not promote. I hate social media. It’s basically the bane of my existence. Yet I’m also reluctant to get rid of it. It does offer some interesting ideas. I let them all fall way to the wayside and instead thought of starting a new blog. One where I could feel more casual and focus on books and baking. But then I decided that’s way too much work and I would get so confused. Then it hit me. Facebook! I hate taking pictures, so Instagram is out, but no one said I have to take good or even relevant pictures (I see the picture and read the caption and think huh?) so Facebook can be second blog. Well, more like a second location for The Lily Cafe. One where I can let my hair down. Where I can post or not. Where I can write about something relevant or not. Or maybe I can…I don’t know, try to have fun? Well, we’ll see how long that lasts. A princess of changes, after all. Instagram can be a place for where I can also put any picture-y posts from Facebook. Twitter…I’ll get back to you. Maybe. Pinterest, I’ll make more of an effort…once in a while.

Thank You, Husband

Yes, it’s true, I have considered making this blog my job. But I always lost interest really quickly. I always felt terrible every time I made a change. I fretted about what my followers would think and how it would affect my stats. I worried there was no earthly way I could possibly make this into a job.

Then my husband told me that, because I had sacrificed so much for his career, he wanted to give me the freedom to have my pick of what I wanted to do (freelance editing, please). Of course, I’m nowhere near ready to do anything as little humans demand too much time right now, but at least he’s completely supportive and places zero pressure on me to make a cent. He even suggested I start out working for free! Gosh, I love this man. Working for money has always felt uncomfortable to me.

So I am privileged. I have complete freedom to do as I wish with no pressure at all. I can make all the changes I want. I can be as formal or casual as I want. I can have fun or be a stick in the mud. I can let this dancing girl out of my head or shove her in a closet. Right now, I’m choosing to let her go free, and we’ll see how long this arrangement lasts for.


12 thoughts

  1. Ha! I think we’re long-lost sisters, except that you are more motivated and put-together. We’re in the same blogging boat, including hosting the twirling person in the head. 😀

    1. It’s awfully dizzying, but still lots of fun. Though I would like the world to come into full focus every now and then.

  2. I don’t have the same freedom you do, in some ways. We struggle financially with just my husband working, but my log is off limits to trying to make money. I share my book that is for sale, but I don’t expect to make anything off of that. I mean, it’s like $3 on Amazon at this point. Not a money maker. I’m mainly doing it for fun and if I make a few I learned from photography not to try to make money with something I love and is a stress reliever to me and that’s what writing and blogging is for me. I say make all the changes you want — it’s your blog! 🙂

    1. There’s so much pressure on a blogger when they decide to try to capitalize on their blog that I feel it just sucks all the fun out of it. I certainly understand why many people do it or try to do it, but blogging is just as good just as an outlet. There are too many stressors in life to try to turn something fun into work!

      1. That’s what I think – I see blogs that are trying to make money and their quality drops fast because they are trying to write to the numbers, not from the heart. I have a hard time sticking with those blogs, but usually do if the blogger visits my blog and stays engaged with me on a personal level. Then I have to figure out how to comment on the “thirty ways to make money” posts. Lol.

      2. Haha, I feel the same way. I’ve stopped reading so many blogs for that reason, but just don’t have the heart to unfollow. I don’t know what’s worse: remaining a follower who never reads, likes, or comments or unfollowing and letting them see one less follower, especially if they also engage with me. Though, in my experience, most of the bloggers who go the monetization route, just stop reading my blog, so perhaps I shouldn’t feel too bad about it and should cut down on the 1000+ blogs I follow. Yikes.

  3. It’s amazing how valuable a supportive spouse can be! I couldn’t write like I do without my husband’s encouragement and it sounds like you’re blessed in that way too =)

  4. I somehow envy you unfortunately. It’s a luxury to be able to get bored. On the other hand, I’ve been unemployed/paternity leave for like 6 months and I don’t remember it with pleasure…I do remember with pleasure taking care of my small one, of course, but not the fact that I had really “nothing” to do… at that moment I had no blog, by the way.

    About your corner on the internet: the cyberpersona is something that should be granted by civil rights. You should then decide what to do with that space: a VR cafe (the VR Lily Cafe, maybe?) a twitter, an facebook… whatever. I have all of that (somehow) but so far I prefer this media, despite of the constant pressure to monetise it.

    1. Oh, I get bored far too easily. Did it for 2 months and nearly went crazy. Like you, I also had no blog. Well, not an active one that I remembered having. Though being bored can lead to some…interesting ideas.

      I do toy around with creating a virtual cafe, but I constantly worry about where all the time to do so will come from. Though it would be so much fun to create something new and interesting.

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